Zandu Pure Honey  100gm

Zandu Pure Honey 100gm


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Form:-100gm liquid

Composition:- 100% honey

Company Name: – Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd

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Zandu pure honey is the natural and herbal formula to lose weight. It is a natural blend of herbal extracts, an effective formula for weight loss. This new Honey helps to give you gorgeous and attractive skin.

It helps to treat cold and cough not only of adults, but also the kids. Also, it treats throat and bronchial irritation with its natural powers.

In various food supplements, it is also used as a sugar substitute. The daily use of honey in warm water helps you stay fit and healthy.

It is trusted brand for your health and helps you in weight management. This herbal formulation helps in proper digestion and imparts energy to the body. It contains lesser calories than sugar and contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are good for health.

Key features->

  • Augmented with natural and herbal formula
  • Helps to loose fat
  • Free from impurities such as dust, pollen and wax
  • Helps in proper digestion
  • Converts stored fat into energy
  • Free from any chemicals and side effects
  • Imparts an extra energy to the body
  • Used as a sugar substitute
  • Retains its natural properties
  • Beautifies your skin
  • Cleans the skin naturally
  • Helps you to stay fit and healthy
  • Relieves cough and throat irritation