LIV ‘P’ ZIME TABLET-Clide International 1

LIV ‘P’ ZIME TABLET-Clide International



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(Each Sugar Coated Tablet Contain)

Kutaki 40 mg.
Kalmegh 60 mg.
Punarnava 60 mg.
Mandhur Bhasm 30 mg
Bhui Amla 40 mg.
Chitrakmool 40 mg.
Sarphonka 50 mg.
Excipient q.s.

DOSAGE-> 1-2 Tablet thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Indication : Pre and Cirrhosis.
Toxic Hepatitis
Anorexia, Convaleccne,
Debility, Growth Promotion,
Habitual Constipation,
Flatulence and Dermatites or as directed by the Physician
PACKING-> 100 tab. (Loose)