Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin 100ml


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Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin is a sweet almond oil of 100% purity. It strengthens brain and nerves. It’s a nutrient, improves body strength & removes constipation in a natural way.


Strengthens brain and nerves- Put 5-10 drops of Roghan Badam Shirin in a glass of hot milk at night.  Drink the milk gradually; with overtime use this intake will strengthen brain and nerves.

Relives constipation- Almond oil is said to cure digestive problems. If you are facing constipation then either drink a tea spoon of almond oil directly or take it in hot milk until the problem cures.

Nourishes Skin– This deep moisturizing oil has a softening effect on the skin. It can be used as massage oil on the face and body. You can also use it to massage infants in postnatal care. The soothing effect of almond oil helps to maintain the moisture level in the body.

Reduces dark circles- Dip your index finger in almond oil and slightly rub it on the under eye skin. Do not rub it too hard as it will not get completely absorbed. This improves blood circulation; following this ritual daily not only lessens dark circles but also improves the texture of under eye skin. While massaging under eye skin make sure that the almond oil does not go in your eyes.

Improves hair strength and fights dandruff- Almond oil is the best natural hair oil remedy in most beliefs. Roghan badam shirin (Almond oil) is very effective in treating hair problems such as hair weakening, hair fall, hair loss and dandruff. Either mix it with any other essential oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or massage it directly on to the scalp and along the hair length. In winters, heat the oil first and then massage the scalp; hot oil treatments are said to work best. This improves blood circulation and controls all hair problems.

Salad dressing– Roghan Badam Shirin (Almond oil) contains monounsaturated fat and Vitamin E. Just as we use olive oil in salad dressing we can use roghan badam shirin as well. Just add a tea spoon of almond oil while preparing salad. This does not only savor the taste buds but also make the salad good for heart.

Strengthens nails- Roghan Badam Shirin can be used to massage the nails. The emollient property of almond oil boosts nail growth and strengthens them. In winters, it is recommended to massage your hands with almond oil to save them from excessive dryness.

Directions For Use:
5-100 ml to be taken with 250 ml of milk at night. Apply externally on head and instill 2-3 drops in the nose and ears.


  • Brand – Hamdard
  • Type – Roghan Badam Shirin
  • Container Type – Bottle

Items Included In Pack
One Bottle of Roghan Badam Shirin

Shelf life of ‘Roghan Badam shirin Almond oil‘- 3 years from manufacturing date.
Packaging of ‘Roghan Badam shirin Almond oil‘- Roghan Badam shirin comes in a glass bottle with a yellow screw cap. As the bottle is made of glass so it is easily breakable. You have to be careful while carrying it.