Dadhiyal Hair Volume Styling Powder

Dadhiyal Hair Volume Styling Powder-5GM


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CONTENT-Kernel oil helps to condition, and thicken your hair and also reduces hair breakage. It nourishes your hair and gives it a soothing effect.


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Dadhiyal Hair Volume Styling Powder stands as a flexible hairstyling essential crafted to enhance your hair styling endeavors and open up a myriad of creative possibilities. Its distinctive formula blends the favorable characteristics of conventional hair powder, delivering a product that imparts a Matte Finish, Strong Hold, and impressive Volume to your hair.

Dadhiyal Hair Volume Styling Powder is Presented in an innovative finely milled powder format, this hair product facilitates effortless application and even distribution throughout your hair, granting you precise control over your styling endeavors. Whether your aim is to infuse volume and elevation into your hair, fashion a casually tousled appearance with minimal effort, or achieve a refined matte finish hairstyle, the hair styling powder emerges as your preferred solution.

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