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CURILL SYRUP-60 ML -Charak Pharma


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Curill Syrup contains Swertia chirata, Tinospora cordifolia, Cyperus rotundus, Alstonia scholaris, Ocimum sanctum, Enicostemma littorale, Cassia angustifolia, Picrorhiza kurroa, Melia azadirachta, Fumaria officinalis, Leucas cephaiotas, Piper nigrum, Aconitum heterophyllum, and Andrographis paniculata.

Role of active ingredients:
Swertia Chirata is used as hepatoprotective and is beneficial for the liver.
Tinospora cordifolia is used for diabetes, cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease, fever, gonorrhea, syphilis.
Cyperus rotundus has diuretic, carminative, emmenagogue, anthelminthic, stomachic, stimulant, analgesic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, antidysenteric, antirheumatic properties.
Alstonia scholaris is used as a drug which helps in restoring the digestive system and is also useful in relieving fevers and skin ailments.
Ocimum sanctum purifies blood and also keeps the heart healthy.
Enicostemma littorale is used as a stomachic, laxative, carminative.
Cassia angustifolia is used in the treatment of loss of appetite, hepatomegaly, spleenomegaly, malaria, skin diseases, jaundice and anemia.
Picrorhiza kurroa is used for jaundice, liver infections caused by fever, allergy, and asthma.
Melia azadirachta is used as antihelmenthic, antifungal, antidiabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, contraceptive and sedative.
Fumaria officinalis is used to treat intestinal spasms and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); and to start the flow of bile, a fluid that is important for the digestion of fats and is produced by the liver..
Leucas cephaiotas is used in liver disorders, jaundice, and asthma.
Piper nigrum is used for digestive system, expectorates coughs, and helps to clear the lungs of congestion.
Aconitum heterophyllum have digestive, carminative properties.
Andrographis paniculata contains diterpenes, and flavonoids that have hepatoprotective activity and relieve symptoms of jaundice.

Curill Syrup is a natural anti-pyretic, analgesic, reduces the body temperature gradually and also relieves body ache.

Adults: 2-3 teaspoonfuls three times a day
Children: 1 teaspoonful three times a day
Infants: Half teaspoonful three times a day

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