VITAFIBER POWDER>British Biologicals company’s

VITAFIBER POWDER>British Biologicals company’s


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Content—>Fiber, 7.6g, of Pre and Probiotic, Vitamins, Minerals, and osmotic laxative

Packing—>100 GM powder

Company—>British Biologicals company’s

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Constipation is a common intestinal disorder. Lack of fiber intake is the major cause for constipation. Constipation is also observed during certain conditions like Pregnancy, Post surgery, Chronic liver disorders, etc. Sluggish bowel movement, dry and hard stool often cause difficulty in defecation. Deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals and altered gut flora are also evident during constipation.

Addressing constipation in a hospital or non-hospital setting is one of the major challenges faced by physicians as well as the patient’s near and dear ones. This is because of the various reasons associated with constipation, such as stress, faulty lifestyle, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, etc. Hence, treating constipation with one bulk or osmotic or stimulant laxative may not be enough.

Vitafiber is the only brand which offers a high content of fiber, 7.6g, of Pre and Probiotic, Vitamins, Minerals, and osmotic laxative, which works in harmony with your body to relieve chronic constipation. Vitafiber increases the bulk formation, hydrates the stool and stimulates the intestinal movements to facilitate smooth defecation. Vitafiber has 7.6g of grit-free fiber which fulfils 30% of the body’s daily recommended dietary fiber intake. The Pre and Probiotic in Vitafiber maintain healthy gut flora, which improves gut health. Vitafiber contains vitamins and minerals which fine tune the regularity of defecation and replenish deficient nutrients. The ingredients in Vitafiber are scientifically proven to relieve constipation and are GRAS certified. Vitafiber is a safe laxative for consuming in cases of diabetes and pregnancy.



  • Constipation
  • Constipation associated with
  • Post-operative state
  • Hernia
  • IBS
  • Chronic Liver disorder
  • Anorectal disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Cardio Vascular Disease
  • Diabetes

Its used for—>

Constipation, Constipation associated with Post-operative state, Hernia, IBS, Chronic Liver disorder, Anorectal disorders, Pregnancy, Cardio Vascular Disease, Diabetes

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