Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler for Diabetes

Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler for Diabetes


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COMPOSITION – Herbal wood tumbler 


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Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler for Diabetes DETAILS –

Vijaysar is safe and cheap method to take care of Diabetics, weight control and reduce joints pain. Vijaysar was first introduced by Sushruta (1000s of years ago) for this disease. About 50 C. C. Water extract should be given in divided doses for three times a day. It provides a sense of well being and keeps normal health along with prompt symptomatic relief. The description of Diabetes and its classification in Ayurvedic texts stand exactly true in the same way as during these days.

Since ancient times, Ayurvedacharyas used blocks/pieces of Vijaysar to control diabetes. Pieces of Vijaysar were soaked in water overnight and in the morning, the same was sieved with cloth and given to the diabetes patient. Such a practice carried out regularly had dramatic results in controlling diabetes. Latin Ayurvedacharyas improved upon this method and prepared a glass of Vijaysar wood in which water was stored overnight and given to the patient in the morning. Herbal wood Glass are made of vijaysar (India Kinotree). A natural Ayurvedic treatment to control diabetes. It has a magnificent role in reducing excessive fat from the body. It also controls blood sugar level & purifies blood.

Vijaysar anti-Diabetes herbal wood Glass is thus, a time tested and effective means of controlling diabetes. It is also a means of reducing excess fat from the body, controlling blood sugar and purifying blood.

Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler for Diabetes USES –

Fill the wooden tumbler with drinking water at night.

When you wake up in the morning, empty the, now coloured water in to a clean tumbler and drink it.

Continue this for at least 30 days and water colour Stops changing, scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 10-15 days. After this either break the tumbler into small pieces and use one small piece in one teacup of water till the colour of the water changes.

Pterocarpus marsupium, also known as Indian kino is a large tree from the Leguminosae family. It grows in the deciduous forests in central and peninsular India and Sri Lanka. The bark and heartwood of the tree has been used historically in the treatment of diabetes. Several potentially anti-diabetic chemicals including epicatechin, marsupin, pterostilbene and protosupin have been identified in Pterocarpus marsupium.