Titanic Extra Time Capsules – Sun India Pharmacy Pvt Ltd.

Titanic Extra Time Capsules – Sun India Pharmacy Pvt Ltd.


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PACKING- 6 Capsules per strip

COMPANY NAME – Sun India Pharmacy Pvt Ltd.

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Titanic Extra Time Capsules is the bestselling product in its category.

Because of the lack of side effects and relatively cheap price it is one of the bestselling product in the world currently.

It restores your loss vigor and vitality, it itself provides you complete sexual satisfaction.

Why titanic extra time capsules so effective:-

This medicine is very effective because of its rich ingredients.

It contains some great products which make it so effective and helps to show quicker results:

Withania Somnifera -60 mg

Asparagus Racemosus -60 mg

Mucuna Prurita -60 mg

Asparagua Adscendens -60 mg

Terminalia Chebula -60 mg

Myristica Fragrans -50 mg

Zingiber Officinale -60 mg

Makardhwaj -5 mg

Trivang Bhasm -5 mg

Papaver Somniferum -30 mg

Shudh Shilajit -50 mg

Health suggestion:-

1.Try to avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol or reduce the use gradually

2.Eat green vegetables

3.Try to avoid spicy and oily food

4.Avoid stress and tension

5.Drink more water to remove toxin substance from the body

6.Avoid excessive masturbation


Withania Somnifera -60 mg,,Asparagus Racemosus -60 mg,,Mucuna Prurita -60 mg,,Asparagua Adscendens -60 mg,,Terminalia Chebula -60 mg,,Myristica Fragrans -50 mg,,Zingiber Officinale -60 mg,,Makardhwaj -5 mg,,Trivang Bhasm -5 mg,,Papaver Somniferum -30 mg,,Shudh Shilajit -50 mg


You can take one capsule in a day or one hour before the intercourse

Note: Each Packet contains 6 capsules

Titanic Extra Time Capsules

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Sun India Pharmacy Pvt Ltd.

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