SINAPIS NIGRA DILUTION 1M-10 ML -Adel Pekana Germany 1

SINAPIS NIGRA DILUTION 1M-10 ML -Adel Pekana Germany


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PACKING->10 ML dilution per pack_COMPANY->Adel Pekana Germany

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Sinapis Nigra Dilution contains Brassica nigra (Black Mustard). Sinapis Nigra Dilution is known to have multiple ailments.

Sinapis nigra is used in the treatment for Head ailments: Scalp hot and itches.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Respiratory ailments: Cough is relieved by lying down.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Throat ailments: Feels scalded, hot inflamed.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Stomach ailments: Offensive breath, smelling like onion, Burning in stomach, extending up oesophagus, throat, and mouth, which is full of canker sores.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Urinary ailments: Pain in bladder, frequent copious flow day and night.

Sinapis Nigra is known to have no side effects.

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