SHELL CALCIUM D3 TABLET-15 tablets -Torque Pharma 1

SHELL CALCIUM D3 TABLET-15 tablets -Torque Pharma


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PACKING->15 tablets-per pack_COMPANY->Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

CONTENT->Calcium carbonate – sourced from organic oyster shells – equivalent to elemental calcium,Vitamin D3

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Shell Calcium D3 pill from Torque for Osteoporosis is a nutritional complement that enables bone and tooth health and makes them stronger. Calcium is used to prevent low blood calcium degrees in those who no longer get sufficient calcium from their diets. Calcium is critical for the increase and improvement of bones. diet D3 is used to absorb calcium inside the blood. diet D3 allows the procedure essential minerals in the frame, like calcium and phosphorus. lack of vitamin D3 consequences in bone weakening, bone ache, and skin conditions.

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