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Packing—>200 ML shampoo

Company—>Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Its uses—>

Sebophane is a mild seboregulatory shampoo suitable for fat, heavy and dull hair. The anti-greasing protein complex, based on the extract of Pin Pallustre of America, stops the migration of sebum along the hair shaft so that the frequency of the washing process is reduced. The Pidolate zinc and the pidolate copper, active seboregulators, regulate the sebum secretion while maintaining the balance of the flora of the scalp. Thanks to its gentle cleansing base, pleasantly perfumed and foamy, Sebophane makes it possible to eliminate the excess sebum smoothly.

It works by—>

1. Apply to wet hair 3-4 times a week by gently massaging the scalp.
2. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.
3. Repeat as necessary.
4. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.
5. Reuse reduces the number of washes during the week.


How it works—>

Zinc and copper pilodatir active sebaceous regulators stabilize secretion sebumai restore the balance of the flora of the scalp.

Gentle, pleasant scented washing on rich foam and makes a perfect wash hair and washes excess sebum.

Hair regains its volume, lightness and shine.