Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari

Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari for men-125gm


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Company-Sadar Labs

Content-All ayurvedic, safe to use

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Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari for men usage

Sadar Dawakhana introduces Majun Mughalliz Jawahiri, a distinctive Unani remedy tailored for addressing male concerns. Specifically designed to combat hydrospermia, this formulation enhances both the quality and quantity of semen. It promotes natural retention while alleviating various issues, making it beneficial for hypersensitivity of nerves. Indications for Sadar Dawakhana’s Majun Mughalliz Jawahiri encompass addressing general weakness, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, oligospermia, hydrospermia, and nocturnal emission.

Dosage of Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari:

Consume 5gm twice a day, once in the morning with milk and once in the evening with fresh fruit juice, or as directed by a physician.