Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer Eyeliner

Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer Eyeliner


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Easy glide formula for smooth application. The retractable lead delivers creamy, vibrant colour in five flattering shades in total comfort.

This eye pencil was a new launch by Oriflame.




As claimed, it glides on smooooothly and is truly creamy. Absolutely no tugging required and is by far on of the smoothest pencils, This is also because for the reason that there is abundance of silicones present in this product. The color sets to a nice matte finish.


The lead is slightly thin, thus making it easy to draw a precise, fine line when angled.


It is insanely pigmented and a single swipe delivers beautiful, intense color.


It stays put the entire day and does not smudge, bleed or flake. The color does not run even when you wash your face. When you wear it in the morning, it is still there in the evening until you decide to take it off.


It is quite easy to remove and comes off easily with soap and water. You don’t require separate cleanser.


The body of the pencil is made of deep-purple colored plastic with a band in the center that corresponds to the shade inside.
Since this listing is for Black shade, the central band is black plus the two ends of the pencil have a black indicator as well.
This means that in whichever position you store this pencil: whether lying down, or upright or upside-down, it is easy to locate shades if you own more than one.
The cap shuts tight with a snap and will not open up in your purse.