NATHAEM CAPSULE-60 capsules-Indian Herbs Spacialities 1

NATHAEM CAPSULE-60 capsules-Indian Herbs Spacialities


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PACKING-60 capsules in packet_ COMPANY-Indian Herbs Specialities-

Nathaem Capsule is prepared by complexing ferrous iron maintains iron in the ferrous state as only ferrous iron is utilised in the synthesis of haemoglobin. It ensures sustained release, optimum absorption and high bioavailability of iron with improvement in percent saturation of iron binding protein.
It easily releases iron and captures any ferric iron, let loose by the system for further complexation. The reducing property of the complex, causes reduction of resulting in mobilization and functionalization (e.g. attachment to globin moiety of haemoglobin) of systemic iron.
Nathaem is very effective in quickly raising the haemoglobin level of blood (upto 1 gm/dl/ week). It also optimizes saturation of body iron stores by decreasing total iron binding capacity, even in the persons with apparently normal haemoglobin. It is also very useful for the individuals suffering due to inefficient production of erythrocytes or increased loss of RBC in haemorrhagic anaemia.
Nathaem is safe for prolonged use in all age groups and does not produce any toxicity or gastric irritation.

Adults :1 capsule, once daily. To be given orally after meals, till required.