Musli Gold Capsule for Men

Musli Gold Capsule for Men-10 Capsules-Dr. Chopra Pharmacls


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Packing-10 Capsules

Content-Safed musli,Kiwach seed,Ashwagandha,Amla,Chota gokhru,Jaiphal,Shilajit

Company-Dr. Chopra Pharmacls

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Musli Gold Capsule for Men is an ayurvedic supplement for guys. The pill incorporates amla, shilajit, ashwagandha and plenty extra and can assist improve vigour and power.

Key benefits of Musli Gold Capsule for Men:

The presence of ashwagandha within the capsule can assist in keeping the electricity stages

Safed musli in the capsule can assist in countering weak spots, and shilajit can assist in preserving electricity

The pill can help in maintaining strength and energy

Amla can assist in uplifting ordinary stamina and mood

Amal present in this tablet can act as a natural aphrodisiac that improves your intercourse life

Usage of Musli Gold Capsule for Men:

Two capsules each day with milk


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