KLMKLIN SOAP 75gm-KLM Laboratories Pvt Ltd

KLMKLIN SOAP 75gm-KLM Laboratories Pvt Ltd


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Content:-Triclosan 0.5 %
Packing:- 75 GM soap
Company Name:-KLM Laboratories Pvt Ltd

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Its Description:-It helps in removing excess oil and deep rooted dirt from the skin. It also provides relief from sunburn, blemishes and acne/pimple problems. It contains Triclosan which is an antibacterial and powerful healing agent which prevents and treats itching, rashes, acne and other skin ailments. It cures, cleanses, tones and refreshes the skin. Klim Klin soap loosens and removes dead cells to give healthy, glowing skin.

For best results use it daily as Daily usage deeply cleanse skin and remove dead cells, helps prevent pimples making the skin mark free and refreshed. It has to be used daily.