Khadi Natural Rose Water 210ml

Khadi Natural Rose Water 210ml


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Khadi Rose Water is a natural skin conditioner and a must for all skin types. Used for centuries to refresh the skin, it also helps skin to maintain the pH balance and retain moisture. Its anti-aging properties keep the skin supple, soft, smooth and fresh. It is nature’s best skin toner.

Rose Water deeply penetrates the skin and helps tighten pores. It is a must after cleansing the face, removing makeup or before applying makeup. Spray rose water onto your face and wait for the skin to absorb it before applying cosmetics to protect your skin from chemicals present in them.

It’s a must for both oily and dry skin because of its ability to balance sebum production, and so is especially beneficial for those prone to acne and pimples. The antibacterial properties clarify the skin and fight infections. Rose Water is a must to prevent dryness in mature skin. If you experience hot flashes during menopause, spray Rose Water on the face and neck  to remain cool and fresh.

Rose Water is extracted from rose petals through a distillation process using demineralised water. No preservatives or alcohol are used.



How to Use—>

Use Khadi Rose Water as a face mask to stimulate the skin, allowing the beneficial qualities of herbs to better penetrate the skin’s layers. Spray Rose Water on the face, neck and nape before and after cleansing.

Spray Khadi Rose Water before & after steaming your face to tighten pores. Always end a face cleansing ritual with a dab of Rose Water and wait for the skin to absorb it before applying creams and cosmetics. Spray Rose Water on cotton balls soaked in ice water and use as eye packs. Apply the iced eye packs for at least five to ten minutes to prevent puffiness, swelling and to relax strained eyes.


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