Itradila 200mg Capsule

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Content-Itraconazole 200mg

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Itradila 200mg Capsule benefits

Itradila 200mg is used to treat infections of the mouth or vagina (causing thrush), skin infections and infections affecting different elements of the body.

Work mechanism of Itradila 200mg Capsule

ITRADILA 200MG works by stopping the fungal increase by blockading the production of enzymes answerable for the increase of fungal mobile. This inhibition consequences in the breakage of cell membranes and fungal mobile abnormalities, subsequently main to changes in the membrane-based pastime of fungus. those leads to fungal cellular dying and prevention of further fungal increase.

Usage of Itradila 200mg Capsule

Take the ITRADILA 200MG as recommended by your doctor. Swallow the drugs with a tumbler of water. Do no longer overwhelm or bite the drugs. Your physician will decide the best dose and length of the ITRADILA 200MG for you depending upon your age, body weight and sickness situation.


The content of the medicine mentioned here are for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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