Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray for Women 1

Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray for Women



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For smooth anal play use IntimateOrganics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray for Women !
– Contents: 30ml
– Formulated with high grade body safe ingredients
– Contains no anesthetics
– Zero Benzocaine or Lidocaine
– All natural and organic
– Latex condom safe
More about this product: Intimate organics women`s anal relaxing spray`s uniqueformula contains a certified organic extract blend of Goji berry, Aloe and lemongrass with the natural potency oflove. It also has a pleasant orange scent, and it’s easy to clean off with soap and water.
Why buy this product? The anal sphincter becomes relaxed andtherefore penetration becomes comfortable. Unlike other anal sprays that cannumb the sphincter and cause tearing, this herbal spray causes no anestheticeffects. Enjoy a sage and pleasurable sensation.
How to use this product? Works quickly and easy to use. It is latex-friendly and safe to use with sex toys. For best results, be sure to pair this product with high-quality anal lube such as Intimate Organics’ Soothe .