HUMAN ALBUMIN 5% INFUSION>Baxter India Pvt Ltd’s

HUMAN ALBUMIN 5% INFUSION>Baxter India Pvt Ltd’s




Packing—>250 ML infusion

Company—>Baxter India Pvt Ltd’s

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HUMAN ALBUMIN 20% Solution for Infusion is indicated for Restoration and maintenance of circulating blood volume where volume deficiency has been demonstrated, and use of a colloid is appropriate.

It works mechanism—>

Human albumin increases intravascular oncotic pressure and causes movement of fluids from interstitial into intravascular space. Solutions containing 5% human albumin are usually used in hypovolemic patients, whereas more concentrated 25% solutions are recommended in patients in whom fluid and sodium intake must be minimised e.g. patients with hypoproteinaemia or cerebral oedema or in paediatric patients.


Common side effects—>

Edema, Decreased blood pressure, Transmission of infectious agent, Volume overload

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