Gnorm Sachet

Gnorm Sachet-765mg granules-Nouveau Medicament (P) Ltd.


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Company-Nouveau Medicament (P) Ltd.

Packing-765 mg Granules

Content-Saccharomyces boulardii

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Gnorm Sachet is fortified with a probiotic composite containing saccharomyces boulardii. Gnorm sachet is pretty beneficial in handling diarrhoea caused by antibiotics. thus sachet consists of probiotics, so it gives several benefits associated with your digestive device. Gnorm sachet is a practice that normalises gut organisms/plant life. This sachet gives a unique technique to enhancing average fitness by addressing both iron deficiency and gut well-being. The balanced combination ensures green iron absorption while promoting a healthful gut, making it a valuable addition to your everyday dietary routine.

Key advantages of Gnorm Sachet:

This sachet gives you a controlled dose of iron, supporting people with iron deficiency anaemia
Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic that aids in maintaining a healthy intestine environment and helps digestion.

The presence of Saccharomyces boulardii is known to improve the absorption of iron in the frame

This aggregate helps in balancing gut microflora, lowering the chance of digestive problems
Saccharomyces boulardii can alleviate signs and symptoms of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal soreness

Adequate iron tiers contribute to extended strength and energy

A healthful gut and balanced iron levels are associated with a sturdy immune device
allows lactose digestion and turns out to be very effective in humans with lactose intolerance

Inhibits the growth of gram-bad micro organisms via generating lactic acid and digesting the complex sugars

Gnorm Sachet Indication :

Ordinary digestion, diarrhoea, lactose intolerance, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Product form: Sachet

Product quantity:765 mg Granules

appropriate For: Male/woman

How to use:

Use as directed by the physician.

Safety Tips:

Shop in a groovy and dry vicinity far from direct daylight
Examine the product label cautiously before use
Hold out of reach of children
Do now not exceed the encouraged dosage