Gas O Fast Jeera Powder

Gas O Fast Jeera Powder for Acidity-5gm-Mankind Pharma Ltd


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Packing-5 GM

Content-Salt of Sodium Bicarbonate (Svarjiksara),Citric Acid (Nimbukamlam),Jeera

Company-Mankind Pharma Ltd

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Gas O Fast Jeera Powder is an aggregate of ingredients that are beneficial in acidity, heartburn and gasoline formation. It helps in the digestion of starch, carbohydrates, fat and Proteins. it’s miles used as a digestive useful resource in case of lack of urge for food because of persistent contamination, belly fullness and indigestion.

Key benefits of Gas O Fast Jeera Powder :

It is useful in case of indigestion, lack of urge for food, flatulence
It facilitates useful resources in case of Gastrointestinal functions
It facilitates beautifying the digestive features

How to use Gas O Fast Jeera Powder :

Use the antacid powder according to the guidelines on the label
Take the dosage as recommended by the medical doctor