EMOFORM R 5% TOOTHPASTE 100gm>J L Morison India Ltd

EMOFORM R 5% TOOTHPASTE 100gm>J L Morison India Ltd


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Content—>Potassium Nitrate(5% w/w)
Packing—>100 GM toothpaste
Company—>J L Morison India Ltd

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Description—->EMOFORM -R The multi-action toothpaste : Strengthens bleeding gums, effectively reduces sensitivity, prevents plaque, Neutralises acids which cause dental decay, Gently cleans sensitive teeth

Key features—>
Emoform R Toothpaste mainatains Oral and dental hygiene with invigorating mineral salts

Inhibits algesia
Potassium nitrate has a desensitizing effect (FDA, category 1: generally recognised as safe and effective).

Invigorates and regenerates the gums
The mineral salts and the slightly alkaline Emser salt (potassium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium sulphate) reduce the tendency to bleed and inhibit inflammation and reduce oedema due to their osmotic effect.

Emoform R Toothpaste Promotes saliva production
The mineral salts promote natural saliva production and thus have an effect on physiological remineralisation and caries prevention.

Emoform R Toothpaste Inhibits plaque formation
Mineral salts both inhibit the formation of plaque and have a bactericidal effect.

It works by—>Blocking the synapse between nerve cells, reducing nerve excitation, and the associated pain.