COLGATE PLAX FRESH TEA MOUTHWASH 250 ML – Colgate-Palmolive Company



FORM – (250 ML mouth wash in bottle)

COMPANY NAME – Colgate-Palmolive Company

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Colgate Plax Fresh Tea Mouthwash is a mouthwash that offers a refreshing alternative taste to a morning and evening ritual. Complete with fresh tea extract, it is alcohol-free and won’t leave a burning sensation in the mouth. Providing up to 12 hours of protection against plaque and bacteria, Colgate Plax Fresh Tea works to form a shield around the teeth and gums, killing up to 99.9 per cent of germs after each use.

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea 250 ml Use & Benefit
Efficiently reduces germs by up to 99.9%
Reduces supragingival plaque
Provides up to 12 hours protection against germs and plaque
Provides long lasting fresh breath
Contains natural tea extracts
Especially prepared for sensitive mouth
Has a refreshing and tea aroma
Provides a cleaner mouth
Provides pearl-like teeth
Provides a gentle mouth feel
Keeps the gums healthy and strengthen enamel
Helps to prevent cavities
Completely alcohol free

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea 250 ml Composition, Ingredients & Content
One Bottle of 60 ml mouthwash

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea 60ml Information Necessary to Buy Online
Brand: Colgate
Type: Mouthwash
Protection Time: Up to 12 hours
Recommended Age: 6+ years
Recommended Dosage: 15 ml
Quantity: 250 ml
Ingredients: Tea extracts, Cetyl Pyridinium, Chloride, Sodium fluoride and surfactant system

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