CITRASOL LIQUID>Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s

CITRASOL LIQUID>Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s



Content—>Citric acid

Packing—>100 ml liquid per bottle

Company—>Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s

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Its uses—>

Citrasol Liquid basically causes the flushing of the urinary tract. The other important role of citric acid is that it prevents the formation of new stones in the kidney as presence of excess urate in the crystal form in urine leads to the condition of hyperuricaemia.

Citrasol Liquid majorly contains citric acid which is responsible for reducing the pH of urine and rendering it to be less acidic. Urinary tract infections and cystitis both fall in the category of recurrent diseases of the urinary system. This not only helps in reducing the painful urine discharge by alkylating the urine but also does not allows the microbes to colonise and divide in the urinary tract as pH is increased.