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Its uses—>

Bournvita is one of the best food production companies, which is the largest supplier in the health food and drinks in India. Bournvita manufactures the best and quality health food products in India, Bournvita can be mixed with milk. Bournvita provides the best taste as it has various good flavors and healthy and tasty ingredients in it. Bournvita also manufactures pasty for children and your family, Bournvita provides the best nutrition to aid growth and overall development for children of age between 5 to 14. Bournvita also has a flavor with the great Cadbury chocolate taste. The Cadbury taste of Bournvita makes it famous worldwide as people can avail the taste of real Cadbury spending a reasonable price. Bournvita contains the higher dietary fiber as compared to other products and brands of flour in India. Bourn vita jar is enriched with vitamin. So it helps the kids get ample nutrition to grow up fast. Bournvita helps in bringing out the goodness of calcium in milk. The nutrition provided by Bournvita helps the children attain the growth, both for their muscles and for brain.

Key features—>

-Contains Vitamin D which helps to absorb the calcium in milk

-Vitamin C aids in better delivery of iron

-Ingredients: Malt extract, sugar, milk solids, caramel and cocoa solids

-100% Veg



-Age group: 5-24 years

-Flavour: Chocolate

-Net weight: 1 kg

-Container jar


-Add 2 heaped teaspoons of Bournvita to milk and sugar for taste