BOTROCLOT 1 CU SOLUTION 10ml-Juggat Pharma

BOTROCLOT 1 CU SOLUTION 10ml-Juggat Pharma


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Content:-Hemocoagulase (0.2CU)
Packing:-10 ML solution
Company:-Juggat Pharma

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Botroclot Topical Solution is designed for topical application and serves to manage instances of bleeding. By accelerating the process of blood clot formation and staunching bleeding, it effectively averts potential complications arising from excessive hemorrhaging.

It’s important to note that Botroclot Topical Solution is exclusively intended for external usage. Its administration should strictly adhere to the prescribed dosage and duration outlined by your healthcare provider. Prior to utilization, carefully review the product’s label to ensure correct application.

Should you have a history of blood clots within blood vessels, it’s imperative to communicate this to your doctor, as the use of this solution is contraindicated in such cases. Likewise, if you possess known allergies to this medication, inform your healthcare provider. It’s worth mentioning that this medication is generally considered safe and tends not to induce adverse effects in most cases.