BODY OIL 200 ML oil -Sri Sri Ayurveda 1

BODY OIL 200 ML oil -Sri Sri Ayurveda



PACK-200 ML oil ,COMPANY NAME-Sri Sri Ayurveda

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Sri Sri Ayurveda Body Oil has a cooling effect on the body. It relieves body pain and gives a healthy, glowing lustre to the skin. Massage your body regularly with this herbal oil and give your skin the added nourishment it requires.


For external application only to the entire today.

Indication: Improves complexion, Removes dryness of skin.


SN. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Qty

1. Raktachandana Pterocarpus santalinus 1 part

2. Lodhra Symplocos racemosa 1 part

3. Vacha Acorus calamus 1 part

4. Kachura Curcuma zedoaria 1 part

5. Kasturi Manjal Curcuma aromaticum 1 part

6. Narikela Taila Q.S.

7. Tila Taila Q.S.

8. Chandana Santalum album 1 part

9. Aromatic Essential Oil Q.S

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