Aziderm 15% Gel

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CONTENT-Azelaic Acid (15% w/w)

COMPANY-Micro Labs Ltd

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Benefits of Aziderm 15% Gel:

Aziderm 15% Gel effectively addresses acne-related concerns, commonly known as pimples. It acts by eliminating the bacteria responsible for causing acne, thereby preventing the formation of spots or pimples. Although the noticeable impact may take a few weeks, consistent usage is crucial for optimal results. Even if it seems initially ineffective, persistence is key, as acne may worsen before improvement occurs. With proper application, Aziderm Gel promotes clearer skin, reducing the likelihood of scarring. Initiate usage early for enhanced efficacy. The positive transformation in your skin can significantly boost your mood and confidence. Note that this gel is not suitable for use on eczema or sunburned skin.

Side Effects of Aziderm Gel:

The majority of side effects associated with Aziderm Gel are typically transient and self-resolve as the body adapts to the medication. If any concerns persist or cause apprehension, consult your healthcare professional for guidance. Common side effects may include reactions at the application site, such as burning, irritation, itching, and redness.

How to use Aziderm Gel:

Aziderm Gel is designed for external use only. Follow your doctor’s prescribed dosage and duration. Prior to application, thoroughly read and adhere to the instructions on the label. Clean and dry the affected area before applying the gel. After application, ensure to wash your hands, unless the hands are the affected area.

How Aziderm Gel works:

Aziderm Gel operates through the action of azelaic acid, which effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, it reduces skin inflammation, manifesting as redness and swelling. This dual action contributes to the overall efficacy of the gel in treating acne.

FAQs of Aziderm Gel

Q: What is the recommended amount of Aziderm 15% Gel to be applied? A: Apply Aziderm 15% Gel precisely as advised by your doctor. For facial application covering the entire face, use approximately 2.5 cm (equivalent to approximately 0.5 g) of cream each time. Adjust the amount accordingly if you have acne on your face, chest, and back simultaneously.

Q: How long does it take for Aziderm 15% Gel to exhibit its complete effect? A: The timeframe for Aziderm 15% Gel to effectively treat acne varies among individuals and is influenced by the initial severity of the condition. Notably, improvement is typically observed around 4 weeks into the treatment. For optimal results, your doctor may recommend consistent use of Aziderm 15% Gel for several months. However, it is essential not to exceed a 12-month usage period at any given time.

Q: Can Aziderm 15% Gel lighten the skin? A: Aziderm 15% Gel may lead to changes in skin color, particularly in individuals with dark-colored skin. If you observe any alterations in your skin color, it is imperative to contact your doctor promptly.

Q: Does Aziderm 15% Gel assist in treating blackheads? A: Yes, Aziderm 15% Gel operates by eliminating the acne-causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) and inhibiting the growth of tough outer skin cells that obstruct skin pores, causing the formation of blackheads and whiteheads.