Antoxid P Tablet

Antoxid P Tablet-15 tablets-Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd


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PACKING-15 Tablets

CONTENT-Beta Carotene,Copper,Manganese,Selenium,Zinc sulphate

COMPANY-Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd

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Antoxid P Tablet is employed to support overall health by effectively managing various vitamin deficiencies, including those of Vitamin A, D, and E. Additionally, it contributes to the maintenance of a healthy heart.

Key Benefits of Antoxid P Tablet:

The presence of Beta Carotene in this tablet serves as a shield against harmful sun radiation, protecting the skin.
The minerals within the tablet play a vital role in promoting the healthy functioning of the body.
It is instrumental in addressing deficiencies of vitamin A, D, and E.
Furthermore, it aids in the preservation of heart health.
Important Information:

This product is free from gluten, sugar, artificial flavors, and GMO ingredients.
Form: Tablet
Dietary Type: Suitable for vegetarians
Intended for: Adults
Directions for Use:
The recommended dosage is one tablet per day, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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