Anandam Churna Powder

Anandam Churna Powder 100gm


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CONTENT-Amla, Saunf, Gulab, Harad, Mishri, Isabgol husk, Senna leaves and Mulethi.

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Anandam Churna Powder is packed with eight components that now not only the most effective cope with your intestine fitness but additionally your general fitness. those encompass- Amla, Saunf, Gulab, Harad, Mishri, Isabgol husk, Senna leaves, and Mulethi. those 8 elements together assist to alleviate not best standard however chronic constipation. It also allows for improved running of the digestive machine.

Anandam Churna Powder indications:

Gastric issues
Helpful in relieving fashionable and chronic constipation
Aids in detoxification of the belly
Useful in Piles, Acidity & Gastric issues
Safe for blood pressure patients

Dosage of this Powder:
Take 1-2 teaspoons with lukewarm water at bedtime or as directed by way of the doctor.

Side effects:

Usually no  side effects.

Precautions to be taken while using this powder:

Keep it out of the attain of children.
Kindly seek advice from your physician earlier than you use it.
Do no longer exceed the endorsed utilization.
Do now not use it if any underlying condition exists.
This product is not supposed to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any sicknesses.