Amoxicillin 500MG Capsule

Amoxicillin 500MG Capsule



Packing:-1 strip(s) (15 capsule each)

Composition:- Amoxicillin 500 MG.

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Its Uses:- Amoxicillin belongs to a class of antibiotic medicines called penicillin. It is used to treat bacterial infections of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia), genital and urinary tract (gonorrhoea, ), skin and soft tissue, ear (otitis media); nose, sinus, and throat (tonsillitis, sinusitis); heart (endocarditis), kidney, urethra or bladder, blood (septicemia), teeth and gums (abcesses), typhoid and paratyphoid fever.

Works:- Amoxicillin kills bacteria by interfering with the production of the bacterial cell wall (outer coating of bacteria). As a result, the bacterial cell wall is weakened and ruptured, thereby killing the bacteria.