AMINOMIX INFUSION-Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd


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Content:-Amino Acids(50 gm)
Packing:-1000 ML infusion
Company:-Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd

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Description:-Used for Homocystinuria, infections, malnutrition, negative nitrogen balance, phenylketonuria, severe burns.

Work mechanism:-The amino acids are an essential element in the diet. The catabolism of Amino acid initiates in muscle and yields NADH and FADH2 which can be utilized for ATP generation.

How to Store:-Store medicines at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. Do not freeze medicines unless the packaging or storage instructions clearly require you to do that. Keep medicines away from children and pets to prevent them from accidental consumption.
Do not flush medicines down the toilet or pour them into drainage unless specifically instructed to do so. Medicines discarded in this manner will enter the natural environment or be consumed by wildlife. This can cause irreparable environmental damage. Please consult your pharmacist or doctor for more details on how to safely discard Aminomix Infusion.