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ALMOX C TABLET-10 tablets-Alkem Labs


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Amoxicillin(125 mg), Cloxacillin(125 mg)

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Benefits of ALMOX C TABLET

In the treatment of Bacterial infections
Almox C tablet is a medicine given to children for the treatment of a huge variety of bacterial infections, especially those that are suspected to be brought about because of resistant microorganisms. these infections may encompass otitis media (ear infection), rhinosinusitis (sinus contamination), tonsillitis (infection of tonsils), dental abscess (tooth infection), pneumonia (lung infection), cellulitis (pores and skin infection), and urinary tract infection. generally, youngsters begin to sense better within 2-three days of regular dosing. make sure to complete the advocated course of the medication as stopping the medication all of a sudden can also cause useless remedies or may additionally even worsen your baby’s situation.

Side effects of ALMOX C TABLET

Almox C pill does now not pose serious facet outcomes and is properly tolerated by youngsters. In case the side consequences do occur, they’re likely to subside as soon as the body adapts to the drugs. consult your child’s doctor if these facet outcomes persist or bother your child. The maximum commonplace side effects consist of-

Belly ache


Take this medication within the dose and length as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as an entire. Do no longer chunk, overwhelm or spoil it. Almox C tablet may be excited by or without food, but it’s miles higher to take it at a set time.


Almox C pill consists of two energetic ingredients, Amoxycillin and Cloxacillin. Amoxycillin works by way of stopping the formation of the bacterial protective overlaying (cell wall) that’s critical for the survival of the microorganism. alternatively, the presence of cloxacillin increases the performance of this remedy and enables in treating the infections resulting from resistant bacteria. doing so kills the contamination-causing bacteria and stops the infection from spreading.


Q. Why has my child been prescribed the combination of two antibiotics?
A combination of antibiotics is prescribed when the doctor suspects that your baby might also have advanced bacterial contamination precipitated because of resistant bacteria. Giving a combination of antibiotics increases the efficiency of the medication and facilitates in killing of the resistant microorganism.

Q. am I able to provide Almox C tablet to my baby again and again for the long term?
Giving your baby Almox C pill for the long term can cause fungal contamination (oral thrush) within the mouth and severe gastrointestinal infections (superinfections). consequently, do now not alter the dose and length to your own and supply the Almox C pill to your child exactly as prescribed. additionally, abnormal treatment, repeated use, and misuse of the Almox C pill could make the bacteria resistant.

Q. Are there any feasible severe facet outcomes of the Almox C tablet?
although rare, Almox C tablet may additionally motivate some severe side outcomes along with continual vomiting, kidney damage, hypersensitive reaction, diarrhoea, and extreme gastrointestinal infections. usually, consult your infant’s health practitioner for assistance in one of these state of affairs.

Q. Can different drugs take delivery at the same time as Almox C tablets?
Almox C pill can now and then engage with different medicines or materials. inform your physician about some other medicines your child is taking before starting the Almox C tablet. Additionally, check together with your toddler’s doctor earlier than giving any medicine to your child.