Wheat Grass Powder 1

Wheat Grass Powder



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1. Wheat Grass
Wheat grass is a nutrient-dense food that contains iron, calcium, amino acids, chlorophyll and magnesium, states Mayo Clinic . It also contains vitamins A, C and E. While many people tout the benefits of consuming wheatgrass juice and extract, there is little scientific research that supports this claim.
Wheat grass health benefits
1) Increases blood count
2) Reduces blood pressure
3) Stabilizes the thyroid gland which improves health problems associated with thyro like obesity and indigestion.
4) Detoxifies the body

5) Fights cancer

6) Enzymes present in wheatgrass have healing properties

7) A good ingredient for skincare – externally

8) Prevents greying of hair
9) It has anti-inflammatory properties

10) Slows down the ageing process