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UNWANTED 72 TABLET – Mankind Pharma Ltd


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form – 1 strip-(1 tablet each)

COMPOSITION:-Levonorgestrel(1.5 mg)

COMPANY NAME:-Mankind Pharma Ltd

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Unwanted-72 – Price, Review, Use, Side Effects & Benefits

Unwanted-72 is an emergency contraceptive pill for women and one of the best to avoid unwanted pregnancy. If you had an unprotected intercourse last night, take this pill within 72 hours and get protection from unplanned pregnancy. It is best option for birth control. Its main ingredient is Levonorgestrel, which helps to control the transport of eggs or sperms to cause fertilization. If fertilization occurs, it also helps to avoid implantation. This pill helps to prevent the pregnancy for 5 years. This pill is not formulated for abortion.

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Unwanted-72 Use & Benefit

Emergency contraceptive pill for women

Ideal for birth control

Best to use after unprotected intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Helps to prevent transmission of eggs or sperm

Helps to prevent implantation

Helpful for long-term prevention of pregnancy

Not an abortion pill

Unwanted-72 Composition, Ingredients & Content

One Unwanted 72 Tablet

Unwanted-72 Information Necessary to Buy Online at

Brand: Mankind

Product Type: Contraceptive

Form: Tablet

Quantity: 1 Pill

Composition: Levonorgestrel 1.5 MG

Warning: Keep away from the reach of children


-The pill is not suitable for teenagers and is safe only for the women of the age group 25 and 45.

-It is useful only if its being swallowed with water after eating some food within the 72 hours of unprotected sex.


Levonorgestrel(1.5 mg)


The medicine is manufactured by the following companies

Mankind Pharma Ltd

Dosage Information

Please consult your Doctor.

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