Tricosilk Pro Hair Solution 60 ml

Tricosilk Pro Hair Solution 60 ml


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PACKING–>60 ML solutionper pack


CONTENT–>Minoxidil (5% w/v) + Finasteride (0.1% w/v)

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Tricosilk Pro Hair Solution 60 ml

Tricosilk Pro Hair Solution is a combined medication prescribed for the treatment of hair loss in men. Its mechanism involves enhancing blood flow to the hair follicles, effectively preventing hair loss and promoting regrowth, resulting in longer, thicker, and increased hair volume.

It is important to use Tricosilk Pro Hair Solution exactly as prescribed by your doctor or as directed on the label. Prior to application, ensure that your scalp is clean and dry. It may take several months before you observe any noticeable hair growth. Initially, the new growth may be soft, colorless, and barely visible. Adhere to the prescribed dose and duration recommended by your doctor, as exceeding the recommended amount will not accelerate hair growth and may increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects. Continue using the solution for the duration specified by your doctor to maintain optimal hair growth. If your condition does not improve after 4 to 6 months of use, consult your doctor. This medication is intended for use by men only and is not recommended for women.

While Tricosilk Pro Hair Solution is generally safe to use, it may cause some common side effects such as reactions at the application site, dry skin, impotence, decreased libido, ejaculation disorders, breast enlargement, breast tenderness in males, and skin rash. In the event of accidental contact with other areas of the body, excessive hair growth may occur. If the solution comes into contact with your eyes, mouth, or broken skin, thoroughly rinse with plenty of water. If you experience bothersome side effects or they persist, consult your doctor.

To ensure your safety, inform your doctor about any existing heart problems before using this medication. Additionally, disclose all other medications you are currently taking. Pregnant, potentially pregnant, or breastfeeding women should avoid handling this medicine due to the risk of finasteride absorption, which may potentially harm a male baby or fetus.

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