Ticin Cream 

Ticin Cream-20gm-Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd


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Content-Clindamycin (1% w/w)

Company-Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

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Benefits of Ticin Cream

In the treatment of Bacterial infections

Ticin Cream is a versatile antibiotic medicine that works by way of stopping the increase of bacteria in your frame. This medication is used to treat many different kinds of infections which include the ones of the lungs (pneumonia), stomach, pores and skin & smooth tissues, bones & joints, blood, and heart.

This remedy normally makes you feel better within some days, but you ought to continue taking it as prescribed even when you feel better. preventing it early may make the contamination returned and more difficult to treat.

In remedy of zits

Ticin Cream is an antibiotic that works by way of preventing the growth of organisms inflicting acne on your skin. it could take numerous weeks earlier than your symptoms enhance so that you want to maintain the use of this medicinal drug even though it seems now not to be working. occasionally acne may worsen before it gets better, however, with proper use, your skin will get clearer. the earlier you begin the usage of it, the much less probable you are to get scars.

How to use Ticin Cream

This medication is for outside use most effective. Use it within the dose and period as cautioned by your medical doctor. test the label for instructions before use. smooth and dry the affected area and apply the cream. Wash your hands after making use of them, except if your fingers are in the affected vicinity.

How Ticin Cream works

This Cream is an antibiotic. it works with the aid of preventing the synthesis of essential proteins required via bacteria to perform critical capabilities. for this reason, it stops the microorganism from developing and forestalls the infection from spreading.

Side effects of Ticin Cream

Maximum side effects do not require any medical interest and disappear as your body adjusts to the medication. seek advice from your physician if they persist or in case you’re involved with them


The content of the medicine mentioned here are for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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