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St.Botanic Wheatgerm Coldpressed oil contains pure Wheatgerm oil. Wheat germ oil is also known to help in fighting inflammatory skin conditions that make the skin dry. It may help in stimulating collagen formation, thereby helping in maintaining healthy skin.

Benefits of St.Botanic Wheatgerm Coldpressed oil:
It is the richest source Of vitamin E and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.
It helps in improving the health of the skin.
It also helps mitigate activities Of free radicals that are responsible for cell damage and speeding up skin aging.
The fatty acids in wheat germ oil help in keeping the skin smooth and supple.

Safety information:
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse well with cold water.

Do not apply directly on the skin

Use under medical supervision.