Pile Cares Twin Pack + Lax-Sol Syrup _Jhactions homeopathic 1

Pile Cares Twin Pack + Lax-Sol Syrup _Jhactions homeopathic



PACKING–>01 Nos Pile Cares (30 ml) + 01 Nos Lax-Sol Syrup (100 ml)

COMPANY–>Jhactions homeopathic


Pile Cares Composition:

Each 5ml. contains:

Cardus M 1x – 1 ml

Hydrasitis C 1x – 1 ml

Hemamelis Q – 0.6 ml

Aloesoc 1x – 0.6 ml

Blumea odo 1x – 0.6 ml

Agnus Cast 1x – 0.6 ml

Podophy 1x – 0.6ml

Lax-Sol Composition:

Each 5 ml. Contains:

Trimenula Chambica Q 0.25ml

Senna Q 0.20ml

Ricinus Com Q 0.20ml

Nux Vom Q 0.10ml

Bryonia Q 0.10ml

Mag, Sulph 1x 0.50ml

Syrup glycerene – Q.S.

Purified water – Q.S.

(All ingredients as per HPI)

Alcohol Contents – 10.8% v/v

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Piles & Fissures
Ideal For
Male, Female
789 (gms)
20.2 (cm) x 12.2 (cm) x 10.6 (cm)

Effective in (Diseases)

Piles & Fissures

Effects Features of Pile Cares Twin Pack:

  • Relieves pain and swelling.
  • Stops bleeding and shrinks haemorrhoids.
  • Get rid of itching Irritation.
  • Promotes normal bowel and removes constipation.
  • Natural effective solution for Piles (all types), Fissures Haemorrhoids.
  • No long listed precautions required.

Indications of Pile Cares Twin Pack:

  • Piles/Haemorrhoids Problem
  • Bleeding Piles
  • Piles Pain In Anus
  • Piles During Pregnancy
  • Problems After Piles Operation
  • Hard Stool-Constipation
  • Piles Pain Relief
  • Relieves Haemorrhoids

Pile Cares Twin Pack has a very powerful effect on following troubles:

  • After going to the toilet, a feeling that the bowels are still full.
  • Bright red blood when doing a bowel movement.
  • Itchiness in the anus area Mucus discharge when emptying the bowels.
  • Pain while defecating.
  • The anus area may be red and sore.
  • When passing a stool the person may strain excessively.
  • Pain or irritation while passing stools.
  • Slight bleeding, in case of internal trouble.
  • Feeling of soreness.
  • Irritation after passing a stool.
  • Pain in the rectal region.
  • Lump on the anus.
  • Pain and discomfort after you opening the bowels.
  • Slimy discharge of mucus.
  • Feeling that the bowels haven’t emptied completely.
  • Frequent urge for evacuation.
  • Yellowish face, due to extensive bleeding.


03 No’s Pile Cares (30 ml) + 03 No’s Lax-Sol Syrup (100 ml)


20-30 Drops in half cup water 3 times a day for Pile Cares Drops.

1 teaspoonful to be taken twice a day with water after meals for Lax-Sol Syrup.


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