Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump- 1

Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump-


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Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump stimulates the breasts that enable mothers to have comfortable and successful breastmilk expression (faster let-down). Unique push lever allows complete control over the adjustable pumping cycle to imitate baby’s suckling pattern and encourage milk flow.

features of Pigeon Portable Electric Breast Pump:
Light weight and portable
Superior silent motor
The perfect sealing air cushion fits perfectly to the breast to softly envelopes and gently.
5 adjustable suction pressure levels that mother can choose on the preferred suction strength.
The motor is entirely independent so there will be no backflow of the expressed breastmilk.
More hygienic as all parts can be sterilized.
Hassle-free breastmilk storage – simply attached the bottle cap to the bottle after expressing.