Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes Pack of 2- 1

Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes Pack of 2-


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Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes is an essential product that cleanses your baby’s skin and keeps it fresh and healthy. This cleansing wipe protects the tender skin of your baby from dust and hydrates and nourishes the skin with moisturisers. Babies are usually prone to rashes and infections during summers, while in winter their skins become excessively dry and rough. Hence, this is a product that should always be a part of your baby’s personal care kit.

features of Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes:
Suitable for regular use.
Contain a natural cleanser which is alcohol free.
Can also be used to wipe clean the baby’s private parts.
Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes freshen and hydrate your baby’s delicate skin at all times.
Protect your baby from skin infections and ailments.