NEW B COLEN M SYRUP-100 ML -Galpha Labs 1

NEW B COLEN M SYRUP-100 ML -Galpha Labs


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New B-Colen M Syrup is a multivitamin, multimineral preparation indicated for treatment of nutritional deficiency disorders. New B-Colen syrup contains vitamin (A, E), cholecalciferol, pyridoxine, D-panthenol, lysine, iodine, copper, zinc, and mecobalamin.
Cholecalciferol helps in assimilation of calcium into bones and teeth making them stronger. Vitamin E, zinc and copper functions as antioxidants protecting the cells from free radicals and also stimulate the immune system. Lysine is an amino acid which increases appetite and improves weight gain. Iodine helps in normal functioning of the thyroid gland and release of thyroid hormone. Mecobalamin is structurally similar to hemoglobin and improves red blood cells and oxygenation.
New B-colen M syrup is an adjuvant with antibiotic therapy, diarrhea, anemia, and calcium deficiency.

Directions of use
Take one teaspoonful two times a day.

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