NANO-LEO CAPSULE-15 capsules -Sanzyme ltd 1

NANO LEO CAPSULE-15 capsules -Sanzyme ltd


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FORM – (15 capsule in strip)

COMPOSITION – Tribulus terrestris, Mucuna pruriens, Ginkgo biloba, Yohimbe bark, Zinc, L-Arginine.

COMPANY NAME – Sanzyme Ltd

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Nano Leo Capsule – Uses, Composition, Side Effects and Reviews

Nano-Leo is a Pro-Sexual Phytopharmacological agent which has been formulated based on the ancient traditional systems. It contains Tribulus terrestris, Mucuna pruriens, Ginkgo biloba, Yohimbe bark, Zinc, L-Arginine.

Nano Leo Capsule is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, heart problems, blood circulatory problems, sexual problems, athletic performance, parkinson’s disease along with several other problems. Nano Leo Capsule contains the salts Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine, Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe Bark, Zinc as active ingredients. It is available in capsule form. Sanzyme manufactures Nano Leo Capsule.

Nano Leo Capsule Uses

Nano Leo Capsule is used in the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms:

Erectile dysfunction

Heart problems

Blood circulatory problems

Sexual problems

Athletic performance

Parkinson’s disease

Snake bites

Brain and its blood vessels activator

Mental disorder



Orthostatic hypotension


Wilson’s disease


Age related vision loss



Congestive heart failure

Chest pain

High blood pressure

Coronary artery disease

Recurrent pain in the legs due to blocked arteries

Decreased mental capacity in the elderly

Nano Leo Capsule Working

Nano Leo Capsule improves the patient’s condition by performing the following functions on the body:

Enhancing athletic performance.

Changing the chemical dopamine in the brain.

Preventing cell membrane damage.

Increasing blood flow and nerve impulses to the vagina or penis.

Regulating the intestinal fluid transport, mucosal integrity, immunity, gene expression and oxidative stress.

Stimulating the release of growth hormone and blood vessels to open wider.

Nano Leo Capsule Side-effects

The following is an exhaustive list of side-effects that may occur for all the constituting molecules of Nano Leo Capsule. Some of these side-effects may be very rare or not found if the salt or molecule is in trace amounts. Not every side effect occurs in every person. Medicines that are approved for sale by governments are expected to be safe for the general population, although new or un-reported side effects may be found later. Please consult your doctor if you observe any of these side effects even in mild form:


Pounding heartbeat

Abnormal body movements


Skin hypersensitivity reactions

Gastrointestinal disturbances

Nano Leo Capsule Composition

Nano Leo Capsule is composed of the following salts:

Tribulus terrestris

Mucuna pruriens

Ginkgo biloba

Yohimbe bark



Nano Leo Capsule Packages and Strengths

Nano Leo Capsule is available in the following packages and strengths

Packages: 15 Capsule

Nano Leo Capsule Manufacturers

The medicine is manufactured by the following companies


Dosage Information

Please consult your Doctor.


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