Maxoza Neo Soft Gelatin Capsule

Maxoza Neo Soft Gelatin Capsule-10 Capsules-Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


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Packing-10 Soft gelatin capsule

Content-Coenzyme,Melatonin,Humectant,Gelatin Food Grade,Preservative,Solubilisers

Company-Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

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Benefits of Maxoza Neo Soft Gelatin Capsule

Maxoza Neo Soft Gelatin Capsule carries effective antioxidants which could useful resource in preventing damage to cells from dangerous free radicals, controlling insomnia, and enhancing the quality of sleep. It contains Coenzyme, which enables power technology in cells, and additionally supplements Melatonin, a critical hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles and ensures that the body can get proper sleep.

Key benefits of Maxoza Neo Soft Gelatin Capsule:

Helpful in producing power in your cells, reducing blood stress, and keeping painful migraine complications at bay

Can be beneficial for fighting damage to cells resulting from dangerous unfastened radicals, thereby dealing with numerous ailments

Facilitates supplement Melatonin to the body to manipulate insomnia, ensure proper sleep, and adjust sleep-wake cycles


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