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Lotus Organics+ Intensive Scalp Revitalizing Oil is crafted with ginger oil to soothe an irritated scalp. The blend of oils procured in the cold-pressed form gets absorbed into dry stressed-out hair and supplies essential nutrients for scalp and hair health. The herbal oil features a blend of ginger oil, sesame oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and an amla extract. The pure essential oils help to calm and destress. The amla extract helps reduce premature pigment loss from hair or greying. The oil helps to increase the shine and bounce of the hair, locks in moisture and detangles the hair. Regular usage of the oil can help improve scalp condition and provide deep conditioning, and nourishment to hair and scalp, leaving the hair soft, dandruff-free, healthy, and shiny

Key Ingredients:
Ginger oil

Key Benefits:
Helps strengthen the hair roots
Nourishes the scalp to help manage dandruff buildup
It helps prevent thinning and greying of hair
It boosts overall hair health to promote hair growth

Directions For Use:
Section the hair into two parts
Pour about one teaspoon of the hair oil on the palm and rub the hands together to spread it well
Using the fingertips, work it into the scalp thoroughly
Use circular motions to work the oil into the hair roots. Use the fingertips to stimulate the scalp
Leave it on for 30 minutes and follow up with a shampoo

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use
Store in a cool and dry place
Keep out of reach of children_____Food restrictions with this product: Avoid consuming any food that is allergic to the content of this item, avoid alcohol with the usage of the item. If item application/consumption makes you feel uneasy then stop the usage of the item immediately.

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