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KRACK SR CREAM -25 GM -Paras Pharma


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Krack Cream is an ayurvedic medicine topical application ointment for cracking heels, sore heels, dry skin and heel pain. Krack Cream contains Quath processed oil (Pitadaru, Kampillaka, Pashanabheda, Majistha, Payasvini, Sarjarasa Ghrita and Sasyaka) and Turpentine Oil.
Krack Cream is a herbal formulation foot cream beneficial in soothing cracked heels, peeling feet, dry feet, dry skin on feet and dry cracked feet. Krack Cream is a foot care product for happy feet.
ADVANTAGES-> Krack Cream :
Hydrates and soothes skin using deep penetration action
Easy to apply topical application skin cream
Helps repair chapped skin, dry skin on feet
Direction of Use:
Throughly wash and clean the affected area (foot heel) and scrape the dead skin off with a scraper before applying Krack Cream.
Allow 10-15 minutes drying time after application.
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