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JUSMILE SANITARY PADS-Shield Health Care Pvt Ltd

JUSMILE SANITARY PADS-Shield Health Care Pvt Ltd


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Company Name:- Shield Health Care Pvt Ltd

Packing:- 8 pads in packet


Jusmile Sanitary Pads details

If you are looking for the dioxin free pads then we want to tell you that Jusmile pad is one of the first Jusmile Sanitary Pads in India to be completely dioxin-free which makes it completely healthy and safe to use, both to the body and to the environment.

These pads are manufactured with a unique anion technology that prevents:-

bacterial growth, thus eradicating irritation, rashes and infections.

Since the pads are not bleached, it is completely free from dioxin, and hence the associated cancer risks.

These pads convert the body’s own heat to infra red rays that act as antimicrobial agents. In addition, the pads are made of pure cotton, rather than synthetic materials, and hence are completely Eco-friendly. And yes, the pads have high absorption capabilities.

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