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Inlife Green Tea Extract 500mg Capsule-


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Inlife Green Tea Extract Vegetarian Capsules are made up of green tea extract. Green tea extract derived from natural green tea leaves is rich in antioxidants commonly known as catechins. A common catechin found in green tea extract is EGCG (Epigalocatcehin gallate), which is a form of polyphenols. Inlife Green tea extract capsules contain 50% polyphenols. Green tea extract and its derivatives are used as dietary supplements and also used in alternative medicines. It has the capacity to enhance metabolism which helps mobilize excess stored fat and helps in weight loss. Green tea extract is beneficial for heart health.

Key Benefits:
Helps in weight management
Promotes heart health
Lowers the risk of infection
Helps improve brain function
Promotes healthy and glowing skin

Direction of use:
As a dietary supplement 2 capsules per day post meals or as prescribed by your healthcare professional

Use under medical supervision