Inlife Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg Capsule- 1

Inlife Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg Capsule-


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Inlife alpha Lipoic acid capsules helps in fighting against free radicals and enhances the energy level of body thus keeping active throughout the day. It supports the health of central nervous system and maintains brain health, mood and vitality.The antioxidant activity of the alpha Lipoic acid helps in revitalizing structure of skin, maintenance & longevity of cell thereby enhancing beauty.This supplement will protect against damage to body cells by removing the toxins out of the body thereby improving overall health and preventing from all kinds of illnesses and age related damage thus contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA) also known as Lipoic acid (LA) and thioctic acid is a naturally occurring compound that functions like a vitamin, although it is not classified as a vitamin. ALA plays a vital role in the metabolism of glucose that produces energy in cells. Alpha Lipoic acid also has antioxidant properties and is important for controlling free radicals that are produced in the body.

Key Benefits:
True Antioxidant
Skin rejuvenator
Perk up concentration
Promotes overall health

Direction of use:
Take 1 capsule preferably after meal as a Dietary Supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Use under medical supervision